Wear No Hate


"2 Deadly Viruses Are Killing Americans: 

COVID-19 and RACISM" -  Don Lemon

COVID-19  has made clear this country's system is not designed to support all citizens. Despite the fact that seventeen percent of doctors, 9% of physician assistants and nearly 10% of nurses in the United States are of Asian descent, boycotts of Asian businesses and growing hate crimes against Asians are hurting the foundation of our communities. Since May the #BLM movement has sparked fresh conversations around race and inequality in America. The conditions around COVID-19 have shone a light on the injustices that've existed in our country for far too long. It's time we vaccinate against racism.


The Wear No Hate line is inspired by various elements of Asian culture.  All proceeds will go to non-profits serving Asian American and African American communities.





This ironic hoodie references “Asian Glow”, a natural reaction to alcohol that is often made fun of in popular culture. This design turns that narrative around by recapturing GLOW in a vintage neon sign reminiscent of the storefront signs seen across Asian cities. The sign is embellished with a pair of Lycoris radiata, which are native to East Asia. Rock this hoodie and Glow Up.



This minimalist tee expresses something obvious and straightforward: it’s each of our responsibility to say ‘no’ to racism. If we each take a conscious stand against hate and exclusion, we can eradicate racism. In solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement, all proceeds from this shirt will go to Black Table Arts, which gathers African American communities through the arts.



Based on America’s oldest Chinatown (San Francisco c. 1850), this tee pays homage to the long history of Asian immigrants helping to build modern America. As COVID spread across America, many Chinatown shops faced vandalism and acts of violence despite many Asian-Americans being on the front lines of relief efforts. This classic red and blue ink print embodies a delicately hyphenated identity: Asian - American. This lively print captures the essence of Asian-Americanness: small businesses, community, and laughter. P.S. Anti-racism is in the details.



This architecture inspired sticker captures the rolling landscape of traditional Chinese building “Gong”. The lines are balanced with the sense of serenity in our everyday life, bringing an unique aesthetic and color to your sticker collection. Laced with irony, the phrase “My Country Tis Of Thee”, from the common American patriotic song of the same name, expresses the complexity of calling two lands home. The sticker fits perfectly on your laptop, hydro flask, or anywhere you want to show some cultural pride...



The Peony symbolizes compassion, prosperity, and honor. This flower is often gifted to loved ones when they achieve a new life milestone. As we each find our own role to play in today’s current events, a reminder to be compassionate and honorable is apt. With a few simple lines, this pink on white sticker captures the effortless elegance of this distinctive flower. This fabulous sticker will go well on almost anything. So grab a few for yourself and anyone in your life who could use more compassion, prosperity, and honor.